IceFoot™ Microfiber Skate Towels

What is an IceFoot?  

definition:  a thin layer of ice that remains along the coastline after

fast ice and water has moved away.

IceFoot™ Microfiber Skate Towels

were designed to remove the thin layer of ice that remains

on your blades.

The lint free terry type fabric is made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers which allow the towel to absorb water and ice without being abrasive to your blades.

The IceFoot™ Skate Towel is durable and when cared for properly, can last hundreds of washings.

  • Towel Size is 16" by 16"
  • Colors Available:  Purple, Light Blue, Black, Gray, Red and Pink.
  • Towels can be Custom Printed with your Logo for special events.

Each towel comes in a black mesh drawstring bag which allows

the towel to air dry after use.

The drawstring bags have a carabiner clip that easily

attaches to a skate bag.